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What Does Taylor Swift, the $10 dollar Bill and Pixar Movies have in Common-- WOMEN

Posted by Jun 23, 2015 10:43:00 AM Ali Powell

I follow anything that has to do with women in business, women in tech, women in sales...I am a WomenPreneur after all and so are you.  To help you tackle your day read these 3 articles (1 included below is a video too with cartoons). 

To help you tackle your day, your week I wanted to share some fun tidbits, quotes and articles that I found really inspirational.  Screen_Shot_2015-06-23_at_10.20.36_AM-1-453337-edited.png 

Darling, She is a businesswoman dressed as a pop star! 

  • This article is so great. We all have read about how Princess Taylor (who I love) called out Apple (yes the APPLE we all know and love) for their policy on not paying artists during a 3 month trial period of the new streaming service they are offering. After she wrote about her concerns for not being paid for her music in this 3 month trial period Apple reversed their policy! 
  • 17 hours after her note to Apple about why she felt this was wrong they took it back. 
  • She is a BUSINESS WOMAN. She is smart, real smart. Don't take her for just a pop star. 

LESSON from Tayla: Don't forget that whatever role you have in life you are a business woman. Know what you want and go after it. If you feel that something is wrong or not just - speak your opinions and try to make a change. 

You can read Taylor Swift's letter to Apple here.  (do it). 

I really love her. She is passionate about her job and she is a force to reckon with. We could all learn some business lessons from Ms. Taylor. taylor-swift-businesswoman-270498-edited.jpg

You can be a negotiator like Taylor. Make sure you are firm in what you want and go after what you want. She shows us that if you know what you want out of a deal you can make it happen. 

6 Women Executives who could be on the $10 dollar bill

The US Treasury has a decision to make and its a douzy. Its a lovely thing for women and we should all be excited about this development. We are looking to replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill. This next face of America's ten dollar bill is going to be a woman!  Yes, maybe one day you could also be on the cover of a $10 dollar bill one day. Set your goals high and work your way there. These women sure did that. 

Work hard and maybe one day you could be the face of a bill as well. :) 

There are 6 ladies in the running but the one that I LOVE THE MOST is the CEO and CO Founder of Birchbox... 

Katia Beauchamp, co-founder and CEO of Birchbox ---- ummmm, I love love love this one!  YOU GO GIRL. 

Next up movies to inspire us to get in touch with our emotions. 

Why It Matters That Inside Out’s Protagonist Is a Girl — Not a Princess

I will leave you with this article and this trailer for this movie. I will be seeing this movie this week and will let you know my thoughts on it. :) 


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