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Learn Where Women at HubSpot Get their Confidence From and Lessons from Mindy Kaling

Posted by Sep 29, 2015 11:53:40 AM Ali Powell

At HubSpot we were told on our Wiki that we were going to have a book club on the new Mindy Kaling book called, Why Not Me? 

First reaction was something like this: YES! YES! YES! I am sooooooo excited to get to know Mindy because I actually have never watched her show and did not read her first book. BUT, I had heard that  she was a  riot. So I thought to myself, I am probably going to LOVE her. 

An early verdict is in...I officially love her and think she is hilariously, real, honest and the best female role model for real working women. 

mindy-why-not-me-812940-edited.pngFor the past week I have been watching her show the Mindy Project on Hulu on binge. My boyfriend will come home and hear me laughing crazily at the tv. He actually likes the show too and finds it very funny. A lot of the things she does are very much up my alley and I swear about more than 1/2 the things that have gone down in her show so far (only into season 2 currently) have happened to me. 

Okay so now on to the book club we held yesterday here at HubSpot. Our head of Culture and Experience here at HubSpot (and my friend), Katie Burke was the leader of this first book club. 

She is hilarious and smart too in case you want to follow her on our blog and on twitter too. 

Screen_Shot_2015-09-29_at_11.30.33_AM-690067-edited.pngSo the first discussion point from our book club session yesterday is one that is a big focal point of Mindy's book.


Where do you get your confidence from? 

Here are a couple of articles that you can read about where Mindy gets her confidence from:

So we opened up the book club discussion about where this group of HubSpot women get their confidence from and here are some of the things that were said (summed up). 

  • Family. A lot of the women stated that their family is where they get their confidence from. 

"My parents thought the world was my oyster." 

"My parents came from nothing and ended up doing something amazing. So I think I can do amazing things too." 

"From my Daddy. I am Daddy's little girl. He always told me I was the best and that I can do anything that I wanted to do."

  • Peers. A few women at the table said they get their confidence as a woman from their peers that they work with daily. Some of these women mentioned the men that they work around and with daily. I thought that was inspiring. It sounds like a lot of the women here at HubSpot gain confidence in their respect they get from working with their colleagues. Their colleagues hold them accountable and always are in their court. They want these women to do great things and support them everyday in whatever way that they can. 

"Working with entry level people here at HubSpot gives me my confidence. I get to help them grow and see them grow and that is so cool." 

"People are in my corner, and never letting me settle." 


  • My best friends. A few women spoke about their friends being their shots of confidence and then their family being more like their long term confidence boosters. I thought that was really poetic and pretty true to how I feel too. 
  • Mentors. The women talked about who they are mentored by and how those people make them confident in what they do. 


"My personal cabinet of mentors and people that I trust help me to be confident." 

"It is a great feeling to pay it forward." 

  • Because why not be confident. 

"I have always done things that seemed unexpected. I do things that I think are fun and don't care what other people think. If it makes me happy then that is all that matters." 

"Because why not be confident in life. If you aren't confident then what are we doing all of this for? What are we living every day for? If you don't care and aren't confident then why are you even doing any of it? (That was me...) 


  • The incoming women here at HubSpot and the women who push me to do something about it all. Katie our head of Culture said this... She gains her strength and her confidence from the women here at work pushing her to make HubSpot a better and great place for women to work. That is lovely and you can tell how much she means that. She does what she does every day because she wants HubSpot to be an awesome place for women to work today, and tomorrow. 

  • Accomplishments. Some women talked about how accomplishments and hard work help them to feel more confident. That makes sense and I completely stand on their ground in this sentiment too. If you are doing something really well then well you should be confident in that and own that! 

  • Our  customers. One of the women at the table mentioned how she gains confidence in her role at HubSpot from solving for the customer and seeing their success and happiness from using our product. You go girl. Because if you don't dig what you do daily at work to that level then once again, why do it? Why work there and do what you do every day? You need to seek that confidence to be passionate about what you do every single day at work. 

  • Men. A lot of women mentioned their fathers and men they are around daily. I loved that. We need more men supporting women in the workplace and pushing us to be our best. 

"When there are things that I think that I can't do, there are way more things that I can do." :) 

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